The Ultimate Guide to Selling a House

Do you want to sell a house in one of the best and secure gated communities, i.e., Discovery Gardens housing scheme Islamabad, or in any other area of Pakistan?

But, are you nervous because it’s your first time? 

Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

With the help of this ultimate guide, you can sell your home with much less frustration even if you don’t know a lot about real estate. 

So, let’s start…  

Step by Step Guide to Selling Your Home

Remember, if you don’t prepare for the best and follow the right tips, selling your house might turn into an arduous task. Which is probably the last thing you want to happen! 

So, here is an ultimate guide to selling a home with the help of which you can easily find an ideal deal: 

1- Start with Hiring the Right Solicitor

Of course, you can take all the legal responsibilities yourself but it’s pretty exhaustive. Some of such duties are listed below: 

  • Prepare and distribute legal contracts 
  • Complete important legal questionnaires 
  • Negotiate setting dates with your client and so on 

This list goes on and you’ve got to handle everything if you don’t hire a solicitor.

Thus, start your research and find a professional lawyer that can help you perform everything with ease and perfection. 

During your initial meetings, the solicitor would issue you a Complete Client Care Pack that includes necessary forms, i.e., Anti-money laundering documents, terms, and conditions, etc. Fill and submit these forms as soon as possible.

2- Price Your Home for Sale

Price is the very first thing buyers notice about any property on sale. This is why setting the right price matters! 

Remember, overpricing can cost you potential customers and in the end leave you empty-handed! Hence, never set a price that is higher than the standard rate going on in the market. 

Want to know some tips for setting the right price for your home? Here’re some: 

  • Checkout prices of the recently sold homes   
  • Consider location, i.e., Discovery Gardens housing scheme Islamabad 
  • Learn the selling price of your comparable properties
  • Consider market trends 
  • Get an Appraisal

With all these tips you can make a well-informed offer even if you want to sell more than one house in a gated community like Discovery Gardens housing scheme Islamabad.       

All done? So, what’s next? 

3- Prepare Your House 

Now, get ready to furnish your home!

Keep in mind, none of the buyers would show much interest in a house cluttered with furniture and other interiors. It’s your duty to remove all the unnecessary things and clean every part of your house. 

Repair any cabinet if it’s broken, repaint your home if it doesn’t look fresh, and fix all the other things that need improvements. 

Additionally, pack up your personal things, such as clothing, pictures, etc., and clean off all the countertops. Don’t let all these things be a reason for your buyer’s distraction. 

4- Partner Up with the Best Real Estate Agent

Once you’ve got everything ready you need a property dealer! 

Even though you can market and sell your home on your own, here’re the reasons why hiring a realtor is worth it: 

  • They would manage everything from marketing to bargaining and so on
  • Dealers have access to potential clients and can get you a deal as soon as possible
  • They know all the latest marketing trends and standard rates  
  • Realtors can save you from getting scammed 

No matter, whether you want to sell a house located in Lahore’s most famous area or plots in Discovery Gardens housing scheme Islamabad, hiring the right agent can make it a lot easier!

So, are you ready to sell your home? 

Hire the best real estate agent, and let them help you find a perfect deal for your home!