Reasons Why Should You Invest in Pakistan Real Estate?

Pakistan Real Estate offers a great opportunity to those looking for an alternative investment option whether in popular housing society Gulberg Residencia Islamabad or Capital Smart City

Pakistan is also an emerging market with a compelling GDP growth rate so there is so much room for investors to invest their hard-earned money and enjoy high returns.

The following reasons justify why Investing in Pakistan Real Estate is a great way to invest:

Reason #1: China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

CPEC is a mega project of $46 billion which involves energy and infrastructure development. Construction, engineering services, power generation projects, and information technology parks are rapidly developing in these regions.

It is the best time to invest right now. We will see this taking off by 2022 when they complete the project.

Real estate investors will be able to recover their investment in a few years. The economic corridor passes through the heart of Pakistan from Kashgar, China to Gwadar Port.

You will see tremendous changes in the region over the next five years.

So, wise investors are already there to invest in real estate.

In fact, the Chinese are already buying land in Gwadar and building hotels and malls which signify a huge marketplace.

Reason #2: Pakistan Real Estate is a Sure-Shot Way to Diversify Your Investments

When you invest in Pakistan real estate, you are investing in the infrastructure of a country. You are giving your money to build homes for people who need them instead of putting it in the risky stock market or commodities like gold which offer no assurance.

When you put your hard-earned money in this sector, you will be able to get guaranteed returns with a long investment horizon. 

Investing your money in Pakistan real estate is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio as it does not correlate with any other asset class.

When you invest in stocks or bonds, prices can go up as well as down and this is noted as a downside of those investments.

Unlike the stock market, Pakistan real estate does not suffer from volatility and is completely immune to economic conditions.

So, investing in real estate holds significant benefits for those who want their money to grow without risking it too much (i.e., no bad surprises and maximal security).

Reason #3: Real Estate Prices are Always on the Rise

It is one of the most stable and secure investments in Pakistan compared to other sectors because market prices have always been increasing year after year due to huge demand from local and foreign citizens alike.

In the past two years, Pakistan has seen its GDP growth rate go up.

We have experienced a tremendous rise in property prices; they continue to do so even now; they tend to increase over time ( i.e., every year ).

Properties and plots in housing societies such as Gulberg Green Islamabad and Bahria Enclave are considered tangible assets with great potential to grow in value over time.

You can anticipate that your investment will have the potential to double every five years.

Reason #4: Transparency and Security  

Pakistan is a very transparent country with solid government institutions, strong property rights, and lots of commitment to transparency and accountability.

The State Bank of Pakistan, Securities, and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, and Federal Board of Revenue are amongst the strong government institutions that function in this country.

These ensure law and order which leads to a safe investment environment for everyone which means no frauds or scams.

On top of this safety, you also get very low property rates in Pakistan compared to other countries and this is just another added benefit.

Reason #5: Infrastructure Developments

Pakistan has one of the highest rates of growth in Asia.

More than 8 percent growth per year is observed which increases employment opportunities and people are keen to pay more for properties.

Numerous attractions help bring investments into this country. Here are some of them:

– New infrastructure developments

– Economic liberalization policies

– Relaxed tax laws

– Low inflation rates

– Cheap labor

Pakistan has always been a land of opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

No matter where you go in Pakistan, there is so much potential for investment, however, you need to be careful while making your investments because you might get caught up in a scam.

If you want to invest money in Pakistan real estate, then know that the real estate sector is constantly improving and growing.

You can take advantage of government reforms and improve your living conditions step by step.

It is all good to save money in the bank, but when you invest in real estate, you get something to show for it.

You can boast about owning a home or commercial property which are very prestigious investments. You can buy plots In Gulberg Residencia or buy direct property.

This not only entitles you to an improved living condition but also improves your status within society.

Here is a list of the advantages you get from investing in Pakistan real estate:

– You can buy as much property as you want

– The investment is not only secure but also very convenient

– You do not need to pay for it monthly

– You can choose whether or not to sell your property whenever you feel like it

Reason #7: Foreign Investment Incentives

Due to various security threats, foreign countries have placed strict rules on the Pakistani property market.

These restrictive policies have resulted in fewer people buying property in Pakistan and it has become almost impossible for foreign citizens to purchase land here.

However, recently the government of Pakistan permitted foreign investors to purchase residential and commercial properties in an attempt to boost the economy.

These changes have created numerous opportunities for foreign investors and greater investment is expected when people realize they can take part in this investment opportunity.

This is a good time to invest in Pakistan and see how it benefits you in the future.

The country continues to grow and makes it a hotspot for real estate investment opportunities.

Reason #8: Emerging Housing Schemes in Major Cities of Pakistan

Major cities of Pakistan have become the hub of international standard housing schemes that have been attracting a higher rate of investments for years.

New housing schemes like Lahore Smart City, Gulberg Residencia Islamabad and Nova City have been in high demand.

Pakistan has seen double-digit growth in housing demand in the last few years which has given rise to many new opportunities for developers and real estate investors.

Also, the government has been focused on the provision of new housing schemes in major cities to fulfill the requirements of people.

The government is also focused on easing rules and regulations for the convenience of real estate investors.

Lots of new housing schemes are in pipeline for this year and coming years in major cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, and Peshawar.