One Capital Residences

About the Project

Pakistan’s first residential-commercial complex designed for providing smart living and working environment.
ONE Capital Residences is a recently introduced initiative of Capital Smart City. It’s a residential-commercial complex spanning over 287 Kanal land in the heart of Capital Smart City Islamabad. One Capital Residences is a move towards a more contemporary lifestyle where you can live and work in a modern, tech-friendly, and eco-sustainable environment. Since it is surrounded by Crystal Lake and a combination of modern amenities, you’ll feel like living in a futuristic world. The main focus of One Capital Residences is to provide a place for residential, business, and tourism purposes – all at once. The project was designed by Arquivio Architects, a Spanish architectural firm owned by award-winning architect Dr. Daniel Fraile. The overall theme of the project is in accordance with the smart city idea, which is to utilize cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency and services. You’ll have a higher quality of life with One Capital Residences in Capital Smart City. Khairi Murat Reserved Forest is the pulse of this project as the design follows the pattern of its foothills. It’s to inculcate and ecologically sound infrastructure in a smart living idea
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Location / Project Site

One Capital Residences is located in the heart of Capital Smart City

It’s Pakistan’s first residential-commercial complex designed for providing smart living and working environment. One Capital Residences enjoys an ideal location within Capital Smart City, which’s:
  • 5 mins from New Islamabad International Airport
  • Right next to newly announced Capital Smart City M-2 interchange
  • 5 mins from New Islamabad International Airport
  • 10 mins from Chakri Interchange
  • 15 mins from Rawat & GT Road

About Developers

One Capital Residence

Since One Capital Residences is a sub-project of Capital Smart City and is located within its boundaries, it’s a joint venture of Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited and Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited.
They have previously worked on state-of-the-art real estate projects including Bahria Town, Royal Orchard Multan, DHA and more.

Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited

With decades of experience, Habib Rafique (Pvt) Ltd is Pakistan’s leading developer in the residential and commercial real estate sectors.
Habib Rafique Developers (Pvt) Ltd is a company committed to achieving international standards in the design and construction of its residential and commercial projects. It has completed a multitude of world-class projects in both Pakistan and abroad.
It is one of the largest private-sector engineering companies in Pakistan with a primary focus on mechanical, electrical, and civil construction projects. Notable projects include the construction of Multan International Airport, Attock Oil Refinery up-gradation, Power Plants, National Highways, Motorway sections, Bahria Town, DHA, Royal Orchard Multan, and a lot more. HRL has been a trendsetter in the housing society construction industry.

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited

Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Limited (FDHL) is a partner’s consortium having a number of national & international firms collaborating with it. The purpose is to emerge as a new leader in the industry. At its core, FDHL is a real estate developer & asset management company in Pakistan.

FDHL is a new-age real estate developer focused on creating state-of-the-art residential zones and modern industrial zones on the M2/CPEC route, to cater to the thriving demands of the industry. It’s aiming to build housing societies on international standards of sustainability.

FDHL is a pioneer in developing smart cities in Pakistan. It has a team of innovators who are committed to changing the way people live by collaborating with other real estate developers. It’s the same company working with HRL to develop Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City.

Mainly a UK-based company. FDHL is a merger of innovation-driven organizations from the construction, technology, and design & engineering sectors


One Capital Residence

Dedicated Districts

Capital Smart City features dedicated locations for healthcare establishments, sports complexes, educational institutions, and financial activity centers. Strategic planning ensures residents have easy access to every district

Urban Utilities

It has every kind of urban utility that’d make a great place to live not only for you but for your generations to come. It has a dedicated grid station, solar park, solid waste management system, portable water treatment plant, sewerage water treatment plant, security control, and more

Smart City Facilities

One Capital Residences is prepared to be a place free from electricity load shedding. It has automated traffic control, automated utility supply, automated street lights, CCTV monitoring, free WiFi spots, and much more

BRT System

For easy commuting, Capital Smart City has an exceptional BRT system consisting of bus & public transport stations, bus lines, interchange,s and more

World-Class Infrastructure

One Capital Residences enjoys a world-class infrastructure of Capital Smart City. The network of roads, cycle tracks, street lights, landscapes, and boulevards make commuting extremely convenient.

Theme Park

For maximum fun, Capital Smart City has theme parks including food truck park, bird park, holiday resort, and more.

Download Project File

Download Project File in PDF for extensive details & information to read offline.
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NOC & Planning Approved

One Capital Residences is a project within Capital Smart City Islamabad, so it doesn’t need to acquire any NOC or approval from development authorities. Capital Smart City has NOC approval for 30,000 Kanal of its total land and One Capital Residences is going to be built on 287 Kanal of that land. However, One Capital Residences has acquired NOC from Capital Smart City authority
Classification of One Capital Residences
    • 1738 Apartments
    • 90,000 sqft Services Office Spaces
    • 131,000 sqft Retail F&B
    • 160,000 sqft Green Area
    • 30,000 sqft Water Body
    • 60,400 sqft Sports Facilities

One Capital Residences is one-of-its kind project in the country and is set to become a sought-after complex for residential and commecial activities

Is One Capital Residences a promising enough project to offer a great ROI?

Yes, One Capital Residences is a promising opportunity to invest in. Here are the reasons why your investment in the One Capital Residences will be the most profitable one ever

  • Its location is in the heart of Capital Smart City, which’s ideally located on the CPEC route. After the completion of Ring Road Rawalpindi, its rates will increase hugely, making its success chances almost 100%.
  • One Capital Residences will be developed by HRL and FDHL, which already have a myriad of successful projects under their join collaboration portfolio. It has the reputation of delivering its promises 100%
  • One Capital Residences offers world-class amenities, making it a preferred choice for people who value high quality living

Best investment opportunity to invest in

One Capital Residences is one-of-its kind project in the country and is set to become a sought-after complex for residentil and commecial activities.
NHA recently announced the development of Capital Smart City motorway interchange, which will make it easy to access other cities.
Considering the developers behind One Capital Residences and its features, it’s undoubtedly a safe and highly profitable investment opportunity

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Pricing Plan

One Capital Residences

Launched Prices

05% – Down Payment

10% – Confirmation

40 – Equal Monthly Installments
08 – Bi-Annual Installments

Studio Apartment

Total Price - 5,074,860/-
Down Payment (5%) - 253,743/-
Confirmation (10%) - 507,486
Size - 483.32 Sqft

1 Bedroom Apartment

Total Price - 8,355,585 /-
Down Payment (5%) - 417,779 /-
Confirmation (10%) - 835,558
Size - 795.77 Sqft

2 Bedroom Apartment

Total Price - 15,184,365 /-
Down Payment (5%) - 759,218 /-
Confirmation (10%) - 1,518,436
Size - 1446.13 sqft

3 Bedroom Apartment

Total Price - 20,734,875 /-
Down Payment (5%) - 1,036,743 /-
Confirmation (10%) - 2,073,487
Size - 1974.75 Sqft

2 Bedroom Duplex Apartment

Total Price - 21,762,195 /-
Down Payment (5%) - 1,088,110 /-
Confirmation (10%) - 2,176,219 /-
Size - 2072.59 Sqft

3 Bedroom Duplex Apartment

Total Price - 22,666,245 /-
Down Payment (5%) - 1,133,312 /-
Confirmation (10%) - 2,266,624 /-
Size - 2158.69 Sqft

3 Bedroom Duplex DIP Pool

Total Price - 28,887,285 /-
Down Payment (5%) - 1,444,364 /-
Confirmation (10%) - 2,888,729 /-
Size -2751.17 Sqft

4 Bedroom Duplex Dip Pool

Total Price - 41,037,885 /-
Down Payment (5%) - 2,051,894 /-
Confirmation (10%) - 4,103,788 /-
Size - 3908.37 Sqft

Master Plan

Laout Plan
2 Laout Plan
Studio and 1 Bed Apartment
s Studio and 1 Bed Apartment
2 Bed and 2 Bed Duplex Apartment
2 2 Bed and 2 Bed Duplex Apartment
3 Bed and 4 Bed Duplex Apartment
3 3 Bed and 4 Bed Duplex Apartment
4 Bed Duplex Apartmetn(DIP Pool )


Is it beneficial to invest in One Capital Residencies now?

Now is the best time to invest in One Capital Residencies. The project is in its pre-
launch phase and is offering the lowest possible rates. After its launch, the prices will
start increasing

Is it an approved project?

Yes, it’s approved by Capital Smart City authority. Since it’s within the master plan of
CSCI, there’s no need to seek NOC from any government development authority

Is the development work underway?

Its ground-breaking was held on 14th May 2022. The development work in Capital Smart City is underway for quite some time now

What is the booking procedure to book your unit in One Capital Residencies?

You can contact UNF Marketing to know the booking procedure and get expert consultation

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