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Nova City Peshawar is an up & coming housing society by the Nova City Developers.

Nova City Peshawar is an up & coming housing society by the Nova City Developers. For the first time in the history of KPK, a real estate project of this scale, style, and affordability is launched for KPK residents. Nova City Peshawar project was announced in January of 2022 and is in the early stages of development.

Despite being in the early development phase, Nova City Peshawar has garnered huge popularity in Peshawar and KPK. It has already been realized as a potential investment opportunity for real estate investors.

The Nova City Peshawar master plan is yet to be revealed completely. At the moment, Nova City Peshawar is only offering residential plots. The major concentration in the ongoing development is on sports complexes, parks, and residential areas. All other aspects of Nova City Peshawar including sewage, water, waste disposal, communication networks, and electric systems of the society are planned and designed by a highly experienced and technically sound team of professionals – to ensure nothing lesser than best for the residents of Nova City Peshawar.

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Location / Project Site

Nova City Peshawar is ideally located at a well-planned site. It’s near Charsadda Interchange of Peshawar, on the M-1 Peshawar-Peshawar Motorway. All it takes is a 5-minute drive to reach The M-1 Peshawar-Peshawar Motorway, making it easy for the residents to travel to the capital city faster.

It’s located at the following distance from prominent places:

  • 5-minute drive away from M-1 Peshawar-Peshawar Motorway.

  • Risalpur City is 35 minutes away.

  • 40 minutes away from Bacha Khan International Airport.

  • Peshawar Ring Road is 40 minutes away.

  • 15-minute drive to reach Bacha Khan University.

  • 10-minute drive to reach Charsadda Road.

  • 20-minute drive away from the Northern Bypass.

About Developers

Nova City

Nova city developer has already completed different successful projects in the residential and commercial real estate space.


Nova city Islamabad is backed by a well-known real estate developer – Nova City developers. The developers are popular for their high-quality infrastructure style and commitment to delivering real estate projects that harbor a healthy lifestyle for residents.

The owner of Nova City Developers is Chaudhry Junaid Afzaal who’s a visionary man.

Successful Projects of Nova City Developers

New City Wah Cant is a successful project of Nova City Developers. It connects with Brahma Bahter interchange M-1 and G.T road. The developers also launched the Phase-II of New City Wah Cant after the success of Phase-I.

Nova City School chain is also backed by Nova City developers.


Nova City

Accessibility of Eco-community Education

Security is provided all over the area
Grand Mosque

Sewerage and waste disposal systems
Cafe & Restaurants

Indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Resources & Water

Water, gas, and electricity facility

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NOC & Planning Approved

The NOC of Nova City Peshawar is in the approval phase. The developers have submitted the request to obtain NOC for Nova City Peshawar. Remember that NOC is one of the most important things concerning the legal status of a housing society.

Once the NOC will be given by the Peshawar Development Authority to Nova City Peshawar it’ll rise high to another level. Since it’s in its early days and the prices are low, investors who understand the importance of this project have already started investing to earn high capital gain.


Nova City housing society Islamabad is based on a vision to provide a healthy lifestyle to its residents.

Nova City Peshawar – A place for healthy lifestyle!

Nova City Peshawar is developed by Nova City Developers. Its location makes it easy to travel to Islamabad and towards the city center.

Nova City housing society Peshawar is based on a vision to provide a healthy lifestyle to its residents. The developers are optimistic about its potential to offer a high return on investments. Nova City Peshawar promises to offer the best infrastructure for residential areas at affordable rates. Despite being an affordable housing society, there’s no shortage of luxurious amenities for residents.

Currently, you can buy only residential plots in society. Nova City Peshawar payment plan is easy on your pocket and is designed appropriately so everyone can afford a house. You can confirm your booking by paying a 10% down payment followed by 10% confirmation charges to be paid within 45 days of the down payment. In addition, you get to pay the remaining amount in easy installments – perfect for those who don’t have enough capital to purchase real estate in one go. The total price can be paid in up to 40 installments.

Nova City Peshawar is an excellent option to invest in for its various aspects. However, keep an eye on its NOC approval status so you can invest right away and secure your plots at the lowest rates and earn more capital gain over time.

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Pricing Plan

Nova City

Nova City Housing Society Islamabad is divided into various sectors which are enriched with different sized plots, i.e., 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Further, the Nova City Plot prices are super-affordable which can be booked in with monthly or yearly installments. Let’s have a look at its payment plans:

Pricing Features

Easy Pricing Plan by splitting into: – Booking Payment, Down Payment, Monthly Installments, Yearly Installments, Posession Payment

5 Marla

Down Payment - 510,000/-
40 Monthly installment 21,500/-
Confirmation - n/a
8 half Yearly Installment - 132,500/-
Possession 120,000/-
Total Proce - 2,550,000/-

10 Marla

Down Payment - 460,000/-
40 Monthly installment 29,500/-
Confirmation - 460,000
8 half Yearly Installment - 287,500/-
Possession 200,000/-
Total Proce - 4,600,000/-

1 Kanal

Down Payment - 765,000/-
40 Monthly installment 44,500/-
Confirmation - 765,000
8 half Yearly Installment - 492,000/-
Possession 404,000/-
Total Proce - 7,650,000/-

Master Plan

Master Plan
nova-city-peshawer-location Currently the master plan of Nova City has not been made public


What is Nova City, and how is it different from other housing societies?

Nova City Peshawar is a modern residential housing society based on world-class infrastructure development. Its location is ideal for its proximity to the city yet away from the hustle and bustle.

Is it an approved and legal housing society?

Currently,Nova City Peshawar does not have the NOC. Since it’s in its early development stages, the NOC won’t be awarded right away but is in the process of getting approved. Nova City developers are hopeful about obtaining NOC very soon.

Is the development work in full swing?

Nova City Peshawar’s development has started and it’ll speed up after NOC approval.

Is it an affordable housing society?

Nova City Peshawar is an affordable housing society.

Does this society has a potentially high ROI?

Yes, it’ll offer a high ROI because the installment plans are appropriately designed to serve families that come from humble backgrounds. It’ll be a great opportunity for small investors.

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