Nexus Mall – Bahria Town Islamabad

About the Project

The 3rd-highest structure in Islamabad with everything you can imagine in a potentially profitable investment opportunity

The Nexus Mall is going to be a huge success because it’s located in the beautiful twin cities, Islamabad & Rawalpindi. The best place for real estate you can imagine in Islamabad is Bahria Town where Nexus Mall secured its ideal location.

The Nexus Mall has introduced a new definition of style, luxury, and convenience in Islamabad. Its location in Bahria Town Islamabad is remarkable because it occupies a piece of real estate land worth more than a goldmine.

The Nexus Mall Bahria Town Islamabad is the 3rd highest structure to be built in the beautiful capital city Islamabad. The project entails elegance, exquisiteness, and class in its stunning architecture – every characteristic to make it a unique high rise building in Pakistan.

Spanned over the massive area of 13 Kanals, it’s by no means a small project. The Nexus Mall will not only be a firebrand for twin cities’ residents but for anyone else who wants to invest in a project that offers luxury, convenience, and high ROI.

There’s a myriad of properties in The Nexus Mall, including commercial shops, restaurants, a 5-star hotel (Royal Swiss), and so on – something for everyone.

Undoubtedly, it’ll be the perfect spot for customers to shop from top national and international brands, spend leisure time, and enjoy all sorts of entertainment – everything at the same place.

It’s a high-rise building with 27 floors, making it the second tallest structure in the capital city Islamabad. The Nexus Mall has the finest 5-star international hotel chain, Royal Swiss on its panel.

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Location / Project Site

Bahria Town Islamabad Phase 8, The Statue of Liberty

Nexus Mall will be built in the beautiful capital city Islamabad’s Bahria Town Phase 8, next to the Statue of Liberty. The location is highly accessible, leaving no difficulty for residents to access the mall from anywhere in the town.


Ring Road Rawalpindi links with the front road, which adds hugely to the mall’s accessibility – in addition, the International Airport will be only 15 minutes away from the Nexus Mall.

Nearest Popular places

Other popular locations, including Grand Millennium Islamabad, DHA Villas, and Expressway, are also nearby. The locality has numerous attractions, making Nexus Mall a golden opportunity for commercial investment

About Developers

Nexus Mall

Lahore Smart City is a joint venture of two leading names in the industry. Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited and Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited are working together to bring this exceptional idea to reality. The two big names have a long-standing history of collaborating on the country’s finest and state-of-the-art projects including Bahria Town and DHA. This goes to show that Lahore Smart City is well on the way to becoming a success.

Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited

Habib Rafique Developers (Pvt) Ltd has completed 60 years of excellence and is Pakistan’s leading developer in the residential and commercial real estate sectors. Habib Rafique Developers (Pvt) Ltd is a company committed to achieving international standards in the design and construction of its residential and commercial projects. The company is managed by some of the finest brains with extensive experience in their respective fields. It has completed a multitude of world-class projects in both Pakistan and abroad.

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited

FDHL is a pioneer in developing smart cities in Pakistan. It has a team of innovators who are committed to changing the way people live by collaborating with other real estate developers. It’s the same company working with HRL to develop Capital Smart City.  Mainly a UK-based company. FDHL is a merger of innovation-driven organizations from the construction, technology, and design & engineering sectors. 


Nexus Mall

International & National Brands

The Nexus Mall will offer all of your favorite brands of all kinds. As a shopping mall, it’ll have something for everyone, regardless of age or preference.

5-Star Hotel

The Nexus Mall Bahria Town, Islamabad is a symbol of elegance, elusiveness, and luxury because of its 5 Star Hotels. It’ll not only be brimming with international & national brands but also high-quality and luxurious accommodations

Spacious Parking Space

No more parking your vehicle hundreds of meters away from the mall since there are two basements for parking. It can accommodate up to 600 cars without causing disrupting the accessibility

Food Court

A well-stocked & clean food court will be one of the most popular features of the Nexus Mall. This area will have a wide variety of food options, including fast food and sit-down restaurants. The food court will also offer ice cream parlors and other refreshments

24/7 Security & Surveillance

The Nexus Mall will have the finest security and state-of-the-art surveillance technology to ensure maximum safety. The top-notch security plan is there to ensure there’s no blind spot or weak points pertaining to surveillance and security

Total Size

The Nexus Mall is spanned over 13 Kanal with 600 feet front and 300 feet in height. It has 27 floors with 2 basements for parking space

Download Project File

Download Project File in PDF for extensive details & information to read offline.
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Unique Structure With High-End Appeal

Having a complete glass structure and three-dimensional design makes everyone fall in love with it at the very first look. The mall’s conical shape and interconnected stories make it even more wonderful and gigantic. The ground floor is dedicated to a huge international hyperstore, while two towers on its atrium will make the mall modern and appealing from miles away. Because it’ll have an entire glass structure, its top stories will give a breathtaking birds-eye view of the city and surrounding hills. The interior and exterior architectural design combined with several other characteristics make Nexus Mall a highly profitable investment opportunity.


Whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential investment opportunity, The Nexus Mall is suitable for both.

Is Nexus mall a promising enough project to offer a great ROI?

Yes, Nexus Mall is a promising opportunity to invest in. Here are the reasons why your investment in the Nexus Mall will be the most profitable one ever

  • Its location is extremely accessible and the locality is the busiest one, so it’ll be a widely visited mall – its success chances are almost 100%. Bahria Town is arguably the biggest name in the real estate market. It’s always in demand and people love buying every kind of real estate in Bahria Town.
  • The Nexus Mall is a project of Edgestone PVT LTD, which already has a myriad of successful projects under its belt. It has the reputation of delivering its promises 100%.
  • The Nexus Mall has world-class amenities and 5-star hotels (Royal Swiss), making it a preferred choice for international travelers in the country

5-Star Hotel Investment Benefits

Regardless of the number of rooms you are planning to purchase, the decision to enter the hotel investment market is an important one. When you’ll invest in The Nexus Mall, its hotel space in particular, you earn a guaranteed % for 2-3 years. In addition, you get the following benefits
Tangible Assets

Hotels are tangible assets that can be used as collateral for business and personal loans.

Investment Returns

Hotels provide a high rate of return on investment because not only do they produce income through room rental, but they also offer additional income through amenities like restaurants and spas.
Long-Term Investment

Hotels require long-term investments, so investors must have patience and be willing to wait for their investment to pay off. Investing in The Nexus Mall Bahria Town Islamabad is a long-term investment with incredible ROI.

Opportunity for Profit

The hotel industry has experienced record profits, which can help investors realize a profit from the sale of their properties in the future.

Stable Income Stream

Hotel investments provide steady income streams because they are self-sustaining businesses that can support themselves with minimal outside help

The future of Malls in Pakistan is here.

Nexus Mall is the best investment opportunity

The Nexus Mall is going to be the finest mall in the twin cities of Pakistan. The mall’s modern three-dimensional conical design makes it a unique architectural achievement, being considered one of the biggest malls in the country. It is located in this booming area of Bahira Town Islamabad, which will add value to the residents’ life and surrounding property.

Considering the name behind The Nexus Mall and its features, it’s undoubtedly a safe and highly profitable investment opportunity.

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Classification of Nexus mall

The Nexus Mall is classified into two spaces
Commercial Space

A well-stocked & clean food court will be one of the most popular features of the Nexus Mall. This area will have a wide variety of food options, including fast food and sit-down restaurants. The food court will also offer ice cream parlors and other refreshments
Hotel Space

What’s truly remarkable about The Nexus Mall is that it has an international 5-star hotel chain on its panel. You can invest in Standard & Premium rooms that’ll offer not only rental income but a huge capital gain as well

Pricing Plan

Nexus Mall

Pre-Launch Offer

Commercial Space

25% - Down Payment / 40% - Pre Launch Discount / 60 - Equal Monthly Installments


Total Price - 1,650,000/-
Down Payment - 412,500/-
Installment - 20,625/-
Monthly Discount - 13,750/-

100 SQFT

Total Price - 3,300,000/-
Down Payment - 825,000/-
Installment - 41,250/-
Monthly Discount - 27,500/-

200 SQFT

Total Price - 6,600,000/-
Down Payment - 1,650,000/-
Installment - 82,500/-
Monthly Discount - 55,000/-

500 SQFT

Total Price - 15,500,000/-
Down Payment - 4,125,000/-
Installment - 206,250/-
Monthly Discount - 137,500/-

1000 SQFT

Total Price - 33,000,000/-
Down Payment - 8,250,000/-
Installment - 412,500/-
Monthly Discount - 275,000/-

2000 SQFT

Total Price - 66,000,000/-
Down Payment - 16,500,000/-
Installment - 825,000/-
Monthly Discount - 550,000/-

Royal Swiss

Hotel Suites

25% - Down Payment / 40% - Pre Launch Discount / 60 - Equal Monthly Installments / Monthly Rental Income

Pre Launch Prices

25% – Down Payment

40% – Pre Launch Discount

60 – Equal Monthly Installments

Monthly Rental Income

Comfort Room

Size - 380 SQFT
Price - 12,000,000/-
Down Payment - 3,000,000/-
Monthly Installment - 150,000/-
Monthly Rental Income - 100,000/-

Deluxe Room

Size - 480 SQFT
Price - 15,000,000/-
Down Payment - 3,750,000/-
Monthly Installment - 187,500/-
Monthly Rental Income - 125,000/-

Launch Prices

25% – Down Payment

60 – Equal Monthly Installments

Monthly Rental Income

Comfort Room

Size - 380 SQFT
Price - 14,000,000/-
Down Payment - 3,500,000/-
Monthly Installment - 160,000/-
Monthly Rental Income - 100,000/-

Deluxe Room

Size - 480 SQFT
Price - 17,500,000/-
Down Payment - 4,375,000/-
Monthly Installment - 218,750/-
Monthly Rental Income - 125,000/-

Master Plan

Comfort Room
nexus Royal Swiss Hotel Suites
Deluxe Room
nexus Royal Swiss Hotel Suites


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Jamal Hussain


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