About the Project


Lahore Smart City takes you on a voyage to experience the gigantic wonders of nature & man.

As the name suggests, Lahore Smart City is going to be the first eco-friendly and sustainable real estate project in Lahore, Pakistan. It’s much more than a housing society.

Lahore Smart City is a new project from the developers of Capital Smart City. It is a futuristic real estate project with high-end facilities driven by technology and innovation. Located near Kalashah Kaku interchange, LSC is the first smart city in Lahore.

It will be a modern city with world-class infrastructure, amenities, and facilities. The project will be different from all existing housing projects in Pakistan. The level of technology and security will be an international standard for the residents of Lahore Smart City.

LSC is a perfect combination of strategic investment, extremely detailed urban planning, and lifecycle asset management. As a result, LSC will have integrated communities based on international sustainability standards.

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Location / Project Site

There’s no way a project like Lahore Smart City can be built right within the same city. Planned to be developed on an area of 20,000 Kanals, there could be no better choice than the outskirts of Lahore. 

Its location is on Lahore Bypass near Kala Shah Kaku. This gives residents easy access to motorways including Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, and Lahore-Karachi Motorway. 

Reaching Allama Iqbal International Airport takes about 20 minutes of drive. 

While there’s every imaginable facility available in the Lahore Smart City, you still have to travel to other locations for a range of purposes. Due to its ideal location, you can access all parts of the city easily via Ring Road Lahore.

About Developers

Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is a joint venture of two leading names in the industry. Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited and Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited are working together to bring this exceptional idea to reality. The two big names have a long-standing history of collaborating on the country’s finest and state-of-the-art projects including Bahria Town and DHA. This goes to show that Lahore Smart City is well on the way to becoming a success.

Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited

Habib Rafique Developers (Pvt) Ltd has completed 60 years of excellence and is Pakistan’s leading developer in the residential and commercial real estate sectors. Habib Rafique Developers (Pvt) Ltd is a company committed to achieving international standards in the design and construction of its residential and commercial projects. The company is managed by some of the finest brains with extensive experience in their respective fields. It has completed a multitude of world-class projects in both Pakistan and abroad.

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited

FDHL is a pioneer in developing smart cities in Pakistan. It has a team of innovators who are committed to changing the way people live by collaborating with other real estate developers. It’s the same company working with HRL to develop Capital Smart City.  Mainly a UK-based company. FDHL is a merger of innovation-driven organizations from the construction, technology, and design & engineering sectors. 


Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City offers both luxury and comfort through innovative solutions. It has the following features:

Overseas & Executive Blocks

LSC has overseas and executive blocks with world-class amenities for residents. Both have residential plots and villas and all other basic facilities for luxurious and convenient living.

World-Class Infrastructure

LSC has world-class infrastructure of road networks, cycle tracks, street lights, landscapes, boulevard, and more.

Theme Park

For maximum fun, LSC has theme parks including food truck park, bird park, holiday resort, and more.

BRT System

For easy commuting, LSC has exceptional BRT system consisting of bus & public transport stations, bus lines, interchange and more.

Smart City Facilities

LSC is prepared to be a place free from electricity load shedding, automated traffic control, automated utility supply, automated street lights, CCTV monitoring, free WiFi spots, and much more.

Urban Utilities

LSC has every kind of urban utility that’d make a great place to live not only for you but for your generations to come. It has a dedicated grid station, solar park, solid waste management system, portable water treatment plant, sewerage water treatment plant, security control, and more.

Dedicated Districts

LSC features dedicated locations for healthcare establishments, sports complexes, educational institutions, and financial activity centers. Strategic planning ensures residents have easy access to every district.

Dedicated Districts

LSC features dedicated locations for healthcare establishments, sports complexes, educational institutions, and financial activity centers. Strategic planning ensures residents have easy access to every district.

Download Project File

Download Project File in PDF for extensive details & information to read offline.
PDF File

NOC & Planning Approved

Lahore Smart City has NOC and planning approved by Lahore Development Authority (LDA) – it makes LSC a safe investment knowing that you’re investing in a project that won’t face any legal challenges from the authorities.

NOC approval from Lahore Development Authority indicates that LSC is transparent and authentic in terms of its planning.

Lahore Smart City is the first smart city in Lahore that embodies world-class living and sustainability standards.

First Smart City in Lahore

Lahore has always been a city that welcomes migrants from all over the country and this is reflected in its diversity. Day by day, Lahore is becoming densely populated, which calls for developing more real estate projects around Lahore.  While there are plenty of traditional housing societies being built around Lahore, no project is environment-friendly, sustainable, and up to the international standards of modern living.  Several years ago, it was the Internet of Things (IoT) that promised to change our lives. Today, it’s more likely to be smart planning and IoT – a way of making cities and towns more efficient, connected, and productive. There are many benefits to being well-connected: you can get better service from utilities and vendors; you’ll see fewer traffic jams and accidents; streetlights that don’t need to be manually turned on will save energy; public transportation is more reliable; and your children will have access to a greater range of learning opportunities through easily available technology.

Is Lahore Smart City A Good Investment ?

Lahore Smart City is a 100% good investment because it has a promising future.  Here are five reasons that make LSC a good investment:

Smart cities are the future

Smart cities are the future. After all, by 2050, we'll be living in an urban world with up to 75 percent of the population residing in cities. This means there's a great deal of pressure on city planners to create a better quality of life for their citizens. Thankfully, Lahore Smart City will prepare to meet that challenge head-on. Rather than relying on legacy processes and infrastructure, smart cities harness the power of technology to solve major problems — while improving the lives of everyone who calls the city home. Your investment today will prove extremely fruitful in the coming years.

A preferred place for international investors

Being the first and only smart real estate project in Lahore, it’ll be a hot place for potential investment from international commercial investors. You can’t make LSC your home, but secure your real estate in one of the most sought-after projects of the future. By investing in LSC, you’ll have a great chance of gaining a potentially huge profit.
Backed by developers of Capital Smart City

LSC is not a new concept in Pakistan – It’s on the exact footprints of Capital Smart City, the first successful smart city project in Pakistan. LSC is under the management of Capital Smart City, meaning you can rest assured that you’re investing in a potentially successful project.

Clean & green

Another reason is that LSC follows the international sustainability standards and is free from environmentally harmful practices. Your investment in LSC means you’ll be in-demand because people have realized the importance of environment friendly real estate projects and they’ll be extremely interested in LSC.

Speedy developments

The project is moving forward rapidly. The speed at which developers are making infrastructural developments, LSC will soon become a livable place. It means you won’t have to wait long to gain profit from your investment. Whether you’re considering LSC for short-term investment or long-term investment, you’ll have plenty of benefits.

Why Always Purchase

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The future of cities is here.

Invest in Lahore Smart City, Invest in the Future!

Smart cities are popping up all around the world, and they’re going to keep growing. As technology becomes more advanced, it’s being used in every industry. In cities, this tech can be used to make things like traffic flow better, to help reduce crime rates and improve public safety, as well as conserve energy and water.  With that in mind, Lahore Smart City is one of the best investments you can make today for not only a better future for you but for the world. LSC is located near Kala Shah Kaku interchange, Lahore bypass. It gives easy access to Allama Iqbal International Airport, Ring Road Lahore, Major Motorways, and roads that lead to Lahore. It offers easy investment plans in Executive and Overseas blocks.  If you want to invest in a project that has the backing of reputed developers and a proven idea, then invest in Lahore Smart City.

Pricing Plan

Lahore Smart City

Installment Plan
Exclusive of Development Chages

  • Book you plot on easy quarterly installments
  • Save 10% on Full Payment, Save 5% on 50% Payment
  • R/P/MS Fees: 12,000 upto 7 Mala & 15,000 above 7 Marla
  • Prime Locations 10% Extra Chages: Include: Facing Park, Corner, Main Road (Between 41′ to 99′)
  • Prime Location 15% Exxtra Charges Main Boulevards of 100′ & Above

Overseas Block

10% – Booking

10% – Confirmation

60 – Equal Quartely Installments


Residential Plot Dimensions 125 SQY
R/P/MS Fees 12,000/-
Booking 268,500/-
Confirmation 268,500/-
12 x Quarterly Installments 179,000/-

Total Price 2,415,000/-


Residential Plot Dimensions 175 SQY
R/P/MS Fees 15,000/-
Booking 349,000/-
Confirmation 349,000/-
11 x Quarterly Installments 232,700/-
12th Installment 232,300/-
Total Price 3,490,000/-


Residential Plot Dimensions 250 SQY
R/P/MS Fees 15,000/-
Booking 494,500/-
Confirmation 494,500/-
12 x Quarterly Installments 329,700/-
12th Installment 329,300/-
Total Price 4,945,000/-


Residential Plot Dimensions 300 SQY
R/P/MS Fees 15,000/-
Booking 542,500/-
Confirmation 542,500/-
11 x Quarterly Installments 361,700/-
12th Quarterly Installment 361,300/-
Total Price 5,425,000/-


Residential Plot Dimensions 500 SQY
R/P/MS Fees 15,000/-
Booking 805,000/-
Confirmation 805,000/-
11 x Quarterly Installments 536,700/-
12th Quarterly Installment 536,700/-
Total Price 8,050,000/-

Executive Block

10% – Booking

10% – Confirmation

60 – Equal Quartely Installments


Residential Plot Dimensions 125 SQY
R/P/MS Fees 12,000/-
Booking 284,500/-
Confirmation 284,500/-
12 x Quarterly Installments 189,700/-
12th Installment 189,700/-
Total Price 2,845,000/-


Residential Plot Dimensions 175 SQY
R/P/MS Fees 15,000/-
Booking 370,000/-
Confirmation 370,000/-
11 x Quarterly Installments 246,700/-
12th Installment 246,300/-
Total Price 3,700,000/-


Residential Plot Dimensions 250 SQY
R/P/MS Fees 15,000/-
Booking 532,500/-
Confirmation 532,500/-
12 x Quarterly Installments 355,000/-

Total Price 4,945,000/-


Residential Plot Dimensions 300 SQY
R/P/MS Fees 15,000/-
Booking 575,000/-
Confirmation 575,000/-
11 x Quarterly Installments 383,350/-
12th Quarterly Installment 383,150/-
Total Price 5,750,000/-


Residential Plot Dimensions 500 SQY
R/P/MS Fees 15,000/-
Booking 849,000/-
Confirmation 849,000/-
11 x Quarterly Installments 566,000/-
12th Quarterly Installment 566,000/-
Total Price 8,490,000/-

Master Plan

Master Plan
master Master Plan of Lahore Smart City


How can I book for Lahore Smart City?

We require following attachments for your booking.

  • 2 Passport Size Photographs
  • Copy of CNIC/NICOP of Applicant
  • Copy of CNIC/NICOP of Next of Kin
  • At the Time of Booking - 10% of Total Property Value as Bank Draft / PO in the name of Future Holdings (PVT) LTD.
How much time will take for Application processing?

Once your documents are submitted duly, you will get your receipt within 2 days,  Your file will be ready within 30 days.

Are there more options available in Lahore Smart City?

Currently LSC is offering Overseas & Executive block booking but in near future, Commercial Areas booking also will be open.

What sizes of Commercial Plots will be available?

4, 8 and 12 Marla Plots will be offered in Commercial Block of LSC.

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