Office Apartment vs One-Bedroom apartment.

Office Apartment or one-bed Apartment?

One of the biggest questions an office seeker has to ask is whether there are any significant differences between renting a one-bedroom apartment and renting an office apartment. The truth is that both of them have significant advantages, and one bedroom is actually more expensive than an office flat, depending on your current living situation. Here are the top three advantages of renting a one-bedroom apartment:



For most people, having extra space to spread out is a big plus. No matter how small your home may be, you will likely benefit from having extra space to meet your personal needs. For instance, if you have a large family with a lot of kids or a feline, you will likely need more space than a single person to accommodate you. Office suites allow you to get the space you need while saving money. In contrast, renting an apartment may actually cost you more in terms of your monthly utilities because you aren’t sharing with anyone. Even if you’re the only one in your building, there are usually enough spaces within the complex to meet all of your needs.


 When you live in a dorm room, you generally don’t have any freedom to choose where you want to live. In contrast, when you rent a home, you can choose the neighbourhood and/or building you would like to live in. With an apartment, you typically just sign a lease and move into wherever the property is located. Therefore, many benefits come with having an apartment instead of a condo, including:

Better Security

 If you live in a dorm room or an office on the premises of someone else’s home, you may not be too safe. In addition to your personal belongings, you also have your home, the people in your apartment, and possibly even other members of your family at risk. With one-bedroom apartments, you can choose which rooms you want to place your personal belongings in so that you don’t risk intruding upon your neighbours’ space. However, with a larger home, it’s easier to have things stolen from your apartment, especially if it is attached. Thus, security is a big plus when renting a one-bedroom apartment.

Lower Renting Costs

If you’re looking for a cheaper rental, consider renting an apartment versus a home. With an apartment, you can typically save up to 30% per month versus purchasing a home. This is especially beneficial if you are still studying full-time or if you are still waiting to become financially independent. Since most of these apartments are located in close proximity to the college campuses, it is very easy to find a decent place to rent. In addition, since you won’t have to worry about driving to work or school, you can save time and money when commuting.

Higher Floor Space

 One big advantage of renting an apartment in the higher floor space. With an apartment, you can comfortably accommodate more people inside. This is particularly helpful if you have a family or roommates. Homeowners often have to deal with the inconvenience of their children throwing a fit or having friends over. With an office apartment or one-bedroom apartment, you will never have this issue because you won’t be sharing a room with other people.

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