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Following are the esteemed partners developing Mivida City:

Meinhardt Group Singapore is the Town Planner of Mivida City Islamabad Airport. The company was established in 1955 and got enough success to now own offices in 51 countries worldwide along with 4500 employees. The company offers thorough field surveys, master planning & infrastructure designing for land, including roads, sewerage system, water resources, electrical works, and earthwork. The company usually offers urban planning, lead consultancy, civil structure, and MEP.

Maxim Investment Group Egypt is the developer of the Mivida City Islamabad – Mivida Pakistan. It is an Egypt-based real estate company established in 1980 and now providing exclusive innovative services for such mega projects offering residential and commercial properties. The company is also providing engineering & design consultancy with investment advisory.

Mivida Developments (Pvt) Limited. is developing this modern housing society with eco-friendly characteristics. Known for its highly qualified and experienced staff, the company has always upheld the promise of top-quality property developments.

Bannu Mukhtar is part of an enormous development team as an added contractor. Established in 1964, the company is now a leading construction and development giant of Pakistan, offering services from Khunjerab Pass to Southern coastal regions. The Banu Mukhtar contractors have pledged to provide the best quality construction services without any delays or compromise of quality.

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