5 Benefits of Buying a Commercial Plot in Lahore Smart City

Are you looking for the best place to buy a commercial plot in Lahore? Are you an investor with long-term oversight?

If so, then you should consider buying a commercial plot in Lahore Smart City.

While there are many other areas for commercial plots in Lahore, getting one close to one of the biggest development projects will certainly be the ideal investment. So, what makes Lahore Smart City commercial plots so unique?

Here are 5 compelling reasons to invest in this scheme:

  • It is Pakistan’s Second Smart City

Lahore Smart City is only the second smart city in Pakistan, which makes it a premium location for commercial plots. You may be wondering: what makes these smart cities so unique?

While on face value, you may not notice anything different between Lahore Smart City and regular housing schemes, in reality, it stands out from the rest. This housing scheme was planned using sustainable planning tools and incorporates the latest technology to create a smooth functioning space.

If you have a business, you’ll know how difficult it is to run commercial activities in places where the infrastructure was poorly built.

If you are looking for ease of doing business, then the Lahore Smart City is your best choice!

  • LDA Approved 

Before buying a commercial plot, you’ll likely take many precautions to make sure that the plot is approved. Considering the amount of fraud that happens in real estate, you should be extra cautious when buying a commercial plot.

One way to make sure your plot is verified is to check if the scheme has government approval. Many people will trick you with the phrase ‘in the approval process’, which makes it seem legitimate.

What makes Lahore Smart City unique is that it is approved directly by the LDA. Very few housing schemes have LDA approval, which makes buying a plot in the Lahore Smart City plan a safe investment.

  • Ideal Location for a Commercial Plot

Commercial plots are all about location. Imagine opening a shopping center far away from any residential area! Chances are you’ll lose on your investment.

The Lahore Smart City plan is dependent mostly on residential plots. It is located on the outskirts of Lahore and is close to major infrastructure. Unlike other schemes that are miles away from the city, this development plan is within commuting distance from Lahore, making it the ideal residential location.

When looking for the ideal location for a commercial plot, makes sure it has the following features:

  • It should be located near residential areas.
  • There should be major roads connecting the plot.
  • Surrounding areas should have high development forecast.
  • It should have adequate water, gas, and electricity

If your plot meets these requirements, then it’s likely to be a successful investment!

  • Affordable Payment Plans

While the plots in Lahore Smart City are affordable, it’s the payment plans that attract the most investors. Many of these payment plans consist of a minimum down payment with equal monthly installments.

Some of these plots can be paid off in 14 quarters!

If you are a small investor, then this is ideal as it gives you time to save up and pay for your plot.

  • It’s the Safest Investment Choice

When it comes to buying a commercial plot, safety should be on top of your checklist. Buying a plot in a crime-ridden area will only lead to a loss. If you have plans for a commercial establishment, you might even abandon that seeing the poor safety arrangements.

Lahore Smart City has the best security arrangements including civil defense systems and CCTV monitoring. Besides, Lahore is also renowned for being one of the safer cities in Pakistan.

So, even if you are an investor in another city, buying a commercial plot in this scheme is your safest option.

Is the Smart City Plan Reliable?

If you are still concerned about reliability, consider these facts:

Renowned Owners

This development scheme is being managed by the Habib Rafique Group. They have worked on many famous projects in Pakistan, including DHA and Baharia Town. When such renowned developers are working on a project, it’s guaranteed to be reliable!

Work Has Already Started on Site

There are so many housing schemes that have been bought up by investors but work has not yet started on it. Before buying a commercial plot, you should make sure that the construction has already started.

Otherwise, it’s not a reliable investment.

If you visit the Smart City website, you’ll notice that they’ve posted the progress of the project as proof of reliability. If really want to be sure, then you can always visit the site to see for yourself!

So, if you are looking for the best commercial plots in Lahore, then the Lahore Smart City area should be your first choice!