3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Want to buy commercial property or a residential plot? 

Whether you’re planning to invest in the Discovery Gardens housing scheme in Islamabad, or any other society, hiring the RIGHT property agent should be your first priority. Else, you might end up buying the wrong property at the wrong price rate!

However, choosing the right one among thousands of realtors can turn into a strenuous task if you don’t avoid some common mistakes. 

In this blog, we’re going to explain which mistakes can cost you money, along with some tips to avoid them. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started… 


Mistakes You Should Never Make When Choosing a Property Dealer 

Your chosen agent can get you the most suitable property in any corner of your city or in a housing society, like, Discovery Garden housing scheme Islamabad, or Bahria Enclave. 

But …

You need to sign the contract with the best realtor! And, for this, you ought to avoid some mistakes listed below.

Here is the list: 

  • Choosing an Agent Without Asking for References

Just like you would read review blogs before buying a smartphone and, ask different people about their experience with that device, similarly, you must ask for references before hiring a realtor. 


Testimonials and past clients’ experience of your chosen property dealer can provide you a clear idea of their services. Thus, look into their websites or social networking pages, because clients usually leave their remarks on such sites. Apart from that, try to read some expert blogs, and conduct a meeting with the people who can talk about their expertise. 

If you discover that your prospective company has zero or poor reviews, then better invest somewhere else! This could be a warning sign of them being scammers!

  • Not Interviewing More Than One Realtor

One of the biggest blunders you can ever make is hiring the very first dealer you visit! Remember, there are oodles of companies out there, and not everyone can offer your top-notch services. 

Just like, you would visit several housing societies, and different local areas of the city before investing in any property. After that, you would come up with a list, like, plot prices in Discovery Garden housing scheme Islamabad are pretty economical, but properties are a bit expensive in local areas, and so on. 

This deep research would help you pick the right property that suits you the best. Just, like in the above case, you can make the best investment in the Discovery Garden housing scheme in Islamabad. 


Similarly, interviewing more than one realtor can help you know their expertise, commission amount, offers, and other important information. Then you can compare all the agents, and choose your ideal fit! 

  • Signing a Contract with A Friend/Family Member

Well, this could cost you a lot of money!

Hiring a real estate agent who is your friend or relative might sound like a lucrative deal at first sight, but there could occur such awkward situations where you won’t agree with them. However, you would avoid saying anything just to maintain your relationship.

Bear in mind, when it comes to business everyone strictly follows the rules to obtain the highest profit. Even your close realtors won’t offer you some extra benefits or commission discounts. So, why should you compromise? 

But, if your friend or family member has a good industrial reputation, and an excellent track record as compared to all the other realtors, hiring them as your agent appears to be a good deal.

Buying a home does not always have to be a daunting task, especially if you’re with a skilled, and professional realtor! 

So, next time you think of buying property in Discovery Garden housing scheme Islamabad, or any other area, make sure to find the best realtor while avoiding all the mistakes discussed above.